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Rendering can significantly improve the appearance of your property as it makes a building look new. It can be applied to both exterior and interior walls to beautify them, increase their structural integrity, and cover up any flaws on the surfaces. There are different kinds of rendering solutions available in the market like cement, polystyrene, colored, and acrylic.

Acrylic Rendering Services

What is Acrylic Rendering?

This material is similar to a sand and cement render, but with acrylic for better weather resistance, colorfastness, and durability. Traditional renders are made from cement, sand, and lime, which is an affordable solution but it can crack over time with the underlying materials’ movements. Acrylic is a specially formulated compound made from plastic polymers and petroleum, which makes it a very resilient surface.
It can be rolled on or troweled onto a prepared wall surface in thin layers, which means it takes just as much time as cement render to apply. The layers are about 1.5 to 4mm thick so this material is lightweight. This makes it ideal for older buildings with a weaker framework.
Acrylic renders are usually applied as topcoats and require a prepared base. In most cases, we apply an initial layer of traditional render before applying an acrylic one on it. A modified cement leveling material is applied to its surface for block work or brick rendering as that creates an even surface for an acrylic membrane.

What are the Benefits of Rendering External Walls with Acrylic?

Acrylic is a little more expensive than cement render, which can be a deterrent. Rendering is a big investment, especially if you intend to cover the entire property. While this option costs more, it also provides several distinct benefits and here are some of them:

  • Weather Resistant – Acrylic offers more weather resistance than traditional renders. It doesn’t let moisture pass through to the underlying layers and doesn’t fade or become damaged under the intense Australian sun. The material is flexible enough to withstand high levels of heat, which makes it a worthwhile choice. Acrylic is also breathable so moisture doesn’t get trapped underneath it.
  • Durable – With proper maintenance, this finish can last several years longer than cement renders because it doesn’t crack. The plastic polymers ensure the surface isn’t as rigid or brittle as cement, which ensures it is less prone to cracking. 100% acrylic renders allow for wall expansion and contraction.
  • Different Surfaces – One of the biggest advantages of the acrylic render is that it can be applied to many surfaces. Uneven concrete, brick, block walls, cement walls, fiber cement surfaces, or even plasterboard. This makes it versatile and ideal for all kinds of surfaces in your home. There’s no need to buy different kinds of material for different sections of your property. We provide the best acrylic rendering for brickwork.
  • Easy to Create a Smooth Acrylic Rendering Finish – Acrylic provides several finish options so you can choose between fine or smooth and coarse or rough based on personal preferences. We recommend a rough finish for exterior walls and smoother finishes for interior walls.
  • Different Locations – Acrylic can be used safely in different locations because it is highly weather-resistant. We can apply it in your bathroom or swimming pool and this material will still deliver reliable performance over a long term.
  • Quick Application – Acrylic is easier to apply than polystyrene coverings and cures faster than cement rendering. Your surface will be ready for painting within a couple of days. That saves both time and money.

All of these benefits make the slightly higher acrylic rendering cost worth it because this upgrade adds value to your home. Acrylic will last longer than cement and requires less repairs, which makes it a good choice in the long term.

Affordable Acrylic Render Colors

Acrylic renders are available in different color options. The dyes are mixed in with your render to give it a distinctive tint. This means you don’t need to apply as many layers of paint on the surface to get the desired color. Applying tinted color render doesn’t just save paint, but also ensures your wall doesn’t have too many additional layers on it. That improves overall structural integrity, which is especially important in older buildings with weaker frames.
We have been a part of this industry for more than 15 years and have ample experience working with acrylic. Our team will help you make good choices regarding the material, color, finish, and other such factors. We will also help you decide if acrylic is a good option for your property. Good quality acrylic will only deliver great results if it is applied correctly based on the type of surface. If you want to know more about low-cost acrylic render suppliers, don’t hesitate to call us at RDY Group Rendering at 0432 095 861.

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