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Good quality rendering can turn a dull and dated property into something spectacular. Whether you want to just improve the appearance of your home or stand out in a neighborhood, rendering a wall is always a good idea. This solution is easy, cost-effective and durable. Once it is done, there’s no need to worry about additional repairs or upgrades for several years. At RDY Group Rendering, we have been in this industry for more than 15 years so our team can help with all kinds of projects. We have handled different kinds of materials, including cement.

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Cement Render Wall – What You Need to Know

Cement rendering is the process of applying a premix of sand and cement to a carefully prepared wall. This covers flaws, provides additional protection from the elements, and ensures the walls look good. Cement renders are more popular than other options like polystyrene renders or acrylic ones because they are easy to use and more affordable. Here are some facts you must know about this material:

  • Durable – Cement renders are durable, especially if they’re applied correctly and maintained well. Rendering sand and cement requires skill and experience because poorly applied finishes don’t last long. Our team has ample experience with this material and will make sure they apply it evenly all over the surface.
  • Provides Thermal Relief – Cement is one of the coldest building materials and offers excellent thermal relief. It keeps warmth inside or the heat outside so your home is warm during winter and pleasantly cool during summertime. This works well for Australian conditions because summers can be pretty warm here. Thermal relief also helps lower energy costs so you save money in the bargain too.
  • Looks Great – Cement and sand rendering looks great and improves the overall beauty of your home. It can be applied on both internal and external walls, is available in different finishes, and is customizable so you can find something that suits your requirements well.
  • Improves Home Value – Don’t let the full cement render cost discourage you because it can improve property value by a considerable margin. If you maintain the render well, it will ensure the property remains highly valuable for a long time by improving structural integrity, reducing water damage, and preserving indoor building material quality.

The cost of rendering a house depends largely on its size and quality of materials used. Our expert customer care team provides a detailed all-inclusive quote. This allows clients to make decisions based on good information. Our quotes are always honest and straightforward with no hidden costs. If you have any questions regarding this process, don’t hesitate to call.

Coloured Cement Render

Cement rendering is a flexible process so you can choose any kind of finish or look for a wall. Homeowners can choose between fine, coarse, textured, or smooth surfaces based on their preferences. We recommend textured or coarse cement rendering for external walls and fine or smooth for interior walls. You can also choose different color options and these include:

  • Pigmented – In this option, a render dye is mixed with the cement and sand solution to give it color. The pigment seeps into this material and bonds with it, which means its color remains fast for a long time.
  • Painted – In this, paint is applied over the rendered surface after it has cured. The color remains fast for a few years but will fade over time, especially on exterior walls. Paint is a great option if you want to change the appearance of your property regularly.
  • Natural – Natural render doesn’t have any additional coloring so the original hue of the cement material shines through. This lends a very urban, rugged look to a property, which is why it has become more popular in recent years. The hue can be somewhat modified by using different kinds of sand or cement mixes.
  • Coloured – This option is specifically designed for cement rendering a brick wall. It has a single, richly-pigmented thin layer and can be safely applied on old brick walls without damaging them. Coloured renders are available in different hues so you can find something that suits your requirements well.

These color and finish options show cement is a truly versatile material. If you want something unique, we can apply an acrylic finish over it to add a little more interest.

Waterproof Cement Render

Both cement and polystyrene renders provide great waterproofing abilities, but cement rendering is affordable. If you’re concerned about water damage, want a versatile surface at a low cost, cement is the best material option. If applied correctly and maintained well, it can protect your home from excess moisture for several years.
We can also apply a layer of waterproof paint over it for better protection. This property is one of the reasons why cement is used in both swimming pool rendering and bathroom rendering. Repairing cement rendered walls is affordable and quick so if the surface develops any cracks, we can repair it easily.
If you want to know more about low-cost waterproof cement rendering Sydney, don’t hesitate to call RDY Group Rendering at 0432 095 861.

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